About Time Advisory

We are the financial advisory firm you thought did not exist. The way we work with our clients is as far as any traditional banker, intermediator or sales resource you can get. We don’t just open doors or introduce strategic partners, or investors or customers, we add unique company values on levels very few are capable of. We also do it end-to-end.

When it comes to contacts and introductions ’open doors’ is a well-used expression. However, we can open certain doors and get access to certain individuals that just a handful of people are capable of. The reason is that we have the personal recognition and the network to be capable to do so and spend the necessary hours to achieve the results. We know how hard it is to reach out to certain individuals and get access to them. Who reach out to them is of major significance, not only for the first meetings but for any future cooperation.

We are the most committed team you have worked with and in a position where we can spend as much time we want on anything we want. We do have several successful businesses alongside, with impressive network and achievements.

We are financially independent and have no other bosses than ourselves. We choose projects based on potential, relevance and personal chemistry. We really have to like the company and the people behind. We choose very few projects. We become friends with these entrepreneurs and create a unique trust that lasts. On projects we accept, we spend the time that is needed to get the results we want and can achieve. Sometimes it’s more than a fulltime job sometimes less. We don’t count efforts, we count results.